The Best Replacement Windows and Doors for Aesthetic Appeal

Wood windows are the most aesthetically pleasing type of windows, as they can increase curb appeal and improve the look of your home. Dark glass is a great choice for privacy, light diffusion, or an aesthetic touch. Rain glass is also a type of dark glass, with a pattern resembling raindrops sliding across the glass. Fiberglass windows are more aesthetically pleasing than vinyl windows due to their thinner frames and ability to be painted.

Vinyl windows are now available in many colors, including dark tones such as black and bronze. The Marvin Signature collection offers the largest selection of wooden windows with customizable options. Pella has three collections with energy-efficient replacement window options. Marvin Windows offers reliable fiberglass, wood, and extruded aluminum options that add beauty to any home.

Bay or ribbon windows are more decorative options for replacing old windows. Fiberglass windows have a hollow space that can be filled with insulation to make them approximately 15 percent more energy efficient than vinyl windows. Investing in good quality doors and windows will not only improve the look of your home, but it will also be more energy efficient.