How to Install Replacement Windows and Doors in Earthquake-Prone Areas

When it comes to installing replacement windows and doors in earthquake-prone areas, there are certain techniques that must be followed to ensure the safety of your home and family. To start, it is important to attach ovens and refrigerators to walls using latches to prevent cabinet doors from opening during an earthquake. Additionally, shelves and shelves should be fastened to the walls to prevent them from tipping over. Furthermore, cabinets should be secured to wall posts and latches should be used to keep cabinet doors closed during an earthquake. In addition, new steel frames or plywood panels can be installed around a store window.

This will allow for more movement in the event of an earthquake. Plastic film can also be applied to windows to prevent parts from scattering if a window breaks. For more information on how to protect fuel tanks, appliances, water heaters and cabinets, as well as how to install an automatic gas line shutdown, please refer to the guides below. Finally, it is important to note that CEA policies provide you with the strength you need to rebuild and repair, funds to live somewhere else while repairs are being done at your home, and help replace your personal assets if they are damaged by an earthquake.