How to Measure Windows for Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide

To get the perfect fit for your window replacement project, you need to take accurate measurements. Whether you're replacing a single window or all of the windows in your house, it's important to carefully write down the measurements as you take them. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to measure windows for replacement. To completely replace existing windows, you will need interior and exterior measurements.

From the inside, remove the case and measure the width and height from the outside (edge) of the window frame, 6 from the corners and in the center. The process for measuring storm windows is similar to looking for measurements for windows with one or two windows. When you order a replacement window, depth measurement won't be included, and in most traditional homes, window depth isn't an issue. The only time it will be a problem is if the depth is too narrow to accept a replacement window, such as some windows in mobile homes and modular homes. To determine the depth, open the window and measure the threshold space from the front molding to the back molding.

This space must be a minimum of 3¼ inches for a replacement window to fit. By using the smaller measurements for width and height, you will ensure that the storm window flanges fit inside the outer edge of the window opening. The wooden frame around the existing window must be in good condition because the replacement window adheres to the frame. Accuracy is vital when measuring to replace windows. You'll save time and money if you order the right windows the first time.

Yes, you need to measure each window you want to replace individually and record its width and height. Custom orders are better because window manufacturers subtract ¼ inch from the height and width measurements and then build the new replacement window 1⁄2 inch apart from those measurements to get the best possible fit. A window improvement project allows the homeowner to renew the curb appeal of their home, improve its energy efficiency and breathe new life into their interiors. If you need to replace several windows in different rooms, label each page with the name of the room and the location of the window. Some companies send an independent technician to measure the windows before ordering the new windows. If two numbers are less than ¼ inch from each other, then it means that your window frame is suitable for a replacement window.

The threshold is where your window frame (the moving part of your window that supports glass) is located when your window is closed. If your wooden frame is damaged by water or rots, it won't be structurally strong enough to support a replacement window and instead, a newly built window will have to be installed. By following these steps on how to measure windows for replacement, you can ensure that your next home improvement project goes smoothly. With accurate measurements, you can order custom-made windows that fit perfectly into your existing frames.