What You Need to Know About Replacement Window and Door Warranties

When it comes to replacement windows and doors, warranties are an important factor to consider. It's essential to understand the details of the warranty before signing on the dotted line. Some common warranty periods include 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. In some cases, such as a real lifetime warranty, the product is covered for as long as you have it.

A 20-year warranty for glass is fairly standard (10 years for non-glass parts), but always check the small print. Milgard offers award-winning windows and patio doors that are designed to last, and they come with the industry's leading warranties. If you have a problem with a door or window in your home, the first step in solving it is to analyze the warranty that was given to you when you purchased the product. Limited lifetime warranties are one of the most common warranties offered by window replacement companies.

From lead windows to gas-filled double-pane windows, research continues to develop environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing designs. Window warranties can be a bit of a mystery for homeowners, and it can be very frustrating when the warranty doesn't cover a certain aspect of replacement windows. At every installation of Milgard window products, US Window & Door offers a limited lifetime warranty. California homeowners often take the manufacturer's warranty for granted and forget that it covers their new windows.

For example, if a set of windows is unpacked and part of the sill deforms or the glass cracks, the manufacturer will have to replace the broken parts. While you may be offered a lifetime warranty on replacement windows, you should ask yourself if it's for the life of your home or for the life of the windows. All accessories and moving parts of the window must be covered by the warranty, such as the locks and the balance system, which prevents the window from slipping when opened. Here are some red flags to pay attention to when consulting a warranty with a window replacement company:

  • A cheap window replacement may include a short-term warranty that wouldn't be ideal for someone living in their permanent home.
  • The quality of materials used in construction should be taken into account.
  • The company should provide assistance with obtaining building permits and visualizing the perfect window design.
This quality is the least of your concerns in a window warranty, since it's rare to replace a window due to broken glass. When researching warranties for replacement windows and doors, make sure you understand all of the details before signing on the dotted line.

It's important to know what is covered and what isn't so that you can make an informed decision about which product is right for you.