How to Accurately Measure for Replacement Windows and Doors

Replacement windows and doors can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, but you'll need to accurately measure them for maximum benefit. Whether you're replacing vinyl windows, aluminum windows, or swing windows, the dimensions of standard window sizes are presented as width x height. To find the depth, you'll need to open the window and measure the threshold space from the back of the molding to the front. It's very important to take the shortest measurements for the width and height of each window and round down to the nearest eighth of an inch. Measure the width of the window that hangs once or twice from frame to frame in the center.

On a sliding window, measure from frame to frame in the center. Measure the height of your double or single window. On a sliding window, measure the height in the center. For example, if your measurements are thirty-six and fifteen sixteenths of an inch, round up to thirty-six and seven eighths of an inch. It's still good practice to take window measurements whenever you have windows physically available, even if it's just to check someone else's work.

It's also essential to place a header and then place crippled studs both above and below the rough window opening. You'll also need to place wedges around the window and level and mount it before nailing, screwing or stapling it in place. The windows will need some space between the glass and the frame to avoid problems due to expansion and contraction. During a home visit, a representative will discuss estimated costs, styles and types of windows available, as well as details of the warranty. With accurate window sizes at hand, it's easier (and more efficient) to shop with a window company in store or over the phone. Best of all, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your replacement windows will keep your home safe, secure and comfortable for years to come.

By taking accurate measurements for replacement windows and doors, you can ensure that your storm window flanges fit inside the outer edge of the window opening.